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Enjoy the tangy taste of Gongura Pickle Online with Sumadhura Foods. We bring you the homemade famous pickle of Andra Pradesh and Telangana State in India. This pickle is widely consumed in all parts of India because of its Great Taste and Rich nutritional value.
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Enjoy the tangy taste of Gongura Pickle Online with Sumadhura Foods. We bring you the homemade famous pickle of Andra Pradesh and Telangana State in India. This pickle is widely consumed in all parts of India because of its Great Taste and Rich nutritional value.

It is called sorrel leaves in the English language. Gongura is a Telugu language word. When it comes to the variety of this Gongura, it is found in two types. One is of green stemmed and the other one is of red-stemmed type. People use both for making the pickle in Andra and Telangana. But the red-stemmed Gongura is widely used for the pickles and loved by people all over the world.

This Gongura pickle online sale is quite popular and it’s famous because of its tangy taste. This leaf is seasonal but due to the pickling method the life shell of Gongura pickle leaf increases. And you can Buy Gongura pickle online and preserve them for the full year.

Our process of making this homemade pickle is very clean and hygenic. We first wash and make the leaves dry for better taste and preservation. Once the leaves are out of the wet moist texture of water, we put them into a pan with oil and then start the process of making these gongura leaves soft. Then some aromatic spices, a lot of natural seeds, and some secret delicious ingredients are added to it.

Once the spices, seeds, and other ingredients are mixed well into it. we prepare the paste by mixing and grounding it well. We also mix the blend of some urad dal and chana dal into it and prepare it at a high temperature for a little time. Then we allow it to cool down at room temperature. Its mouth-watering aroma can make you feel amazing and the crisp tangy taste is something worth trying.

You can enjoy this delicious tasty flavor of Gongura pickle with steamed rice and mixing it with a little bit of ghee. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it with any other dishes. You can easily enjoy its great taste with almost any dish such as dosa, chapati with ghee, bread, fried rice, sandwich, etc. It is quite obvious with persons who are living far away from home to manage foods for every day.

The main reason is the time and efforts to make delicious foods for them far away from home. With such busy schedules, it’s very hard to keep up with the right nutrition either you are traveling or living far away from home. In such a scenario, the homemade and clean tasty Gongura pickle comes in handy. It’s tasty and healthy as well. You can mix it with a variety of foods to enjoy the seamless experience of taste and health.

We at Sumadhura Foods pay great attention when it comes to providing quality and tasty foods for you. We provide traditional homemade tasty pickles and other tasty foods with natural ingredients. Our doorstep delivery of such products makes the ordering process hassle-free. You can easily order Gongura Pickle online from our store with the snap of a finger.

As we all know that vitamins are an essential part of our nutrition. We have to maintain a flow of these nutrition elements in our daily day-to-day foods. Our pickles are highly rich in vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin C. Apart from this it is also a good source of iron, folic acid, riboflavin, and thiamin. Not only this our store has Mixed Vegetable pickle which you can combine with this one to make a great combo of taste and health. Improving the appetite is also one of the major benefits of this pickle.

You will be surprised to know that these leaves are also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other vital nutrients. Since we use garlic as a key ingredient in this pickle recipe. we can get the benefits which garlic provides such as managing cholesterol and providing good digestion etc. it also helps us in boosting our immunity because of including vitamin c and it regulates cardiovascular health.

If we talk about children also, it’s quite hard for parents and especially their moms to monitor if they have finished the food on their plate or not. This leads to an improper feed of essential nutrients and vitamins for the children. But the tangy and good taste of gongura pickle is also loved by the children so it’s the best solution to feed them food along with it to help them grab the full plate without leaving it. This will fulfill their vitamin and other nutrients need also.

Although the process of making pickles is not that much hard in this fast era of life, nobody has the time to learn and implement the recipe to make delicious pickles. so we at Sumadhura foods solve this problem and present you the mix and blend of natural spices and gongura leaves pickle. You just have to visit our website and Buy the Best Gongura pickle online. We provide shipping and delivery of our products all over India. So you don’t have to worry about anything just order and relax and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Telugu culture is quite popular in Andra and telangana and people of this culture love the spicy and tangy taste of gongura pickle. Andra Matha means Goddess of Andra. The reason we have talked about Andra matha is that Gongura pickle is also called Andra Matha in Telugu culture.

This pickle is so much famous in this region that you will find it in every restaurant or hotel or food palace here in Andra. The people consider it to be one of the main ingredients of their food plate. Every function and wedding has always gongura pickle in the pickle section for sure.

We present a great variety of Andra style gongura pickle online from Sumadhura Foods. Our pickle has no harmful preservatives or harsh chemicals, it’s completely safe and clean made from fresh gongura leaves. Our products are way better in quality than the commercial other pickles available in the market. Our spices and ingredients are purely homemade and prepared with a lot of care. If you will ask our customers who have tried our pickles, you will find that they have positive things to say about our quality products. Every customer is a regular customer of our store and is really satisfied with the taste and quality of our homemade organic products.

Not only this, from carbohydrates, fiber to protein, what else can you expect from these rich pickle leaves. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals all are present in the Gongura leaves. All essential vitamins like A, B, B2, B9, and vitamin C are present in it. So it’s the finest and richest source of healthy ingredients when it comes to pickles. Healthy food with taste is something that it can offer to you at affordable pricing and with fast doorstep delivery.

To make this pickle people use two main methodologies with chutney and with VuraGongura. It is the most famous pickle in south India, so the demand is very huge. We gather the leaves from our farms and it’s prepared with only organic methods. the cultivation of this happens on the bank of freshwater ponds and in the black soil, which makes it more special. With such high vitamins and nutrients, it’s low in calories and fat, so you don’t have to worry about weight gain.

It has a great ability to monitor high blood pressure. It also plays a vital role in reducing bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol. As we all know that Gongura leaves are of two types red stemmed leaf and green stemmed and the red one is sourer than the green one. but both have diuretic properties which means it increases urination. this keeps our body healthy and fit. Both are also known as Pulla gongura and pulihora gongura. so buy the Gongura pickle online.











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